Link:Syncing Thunderbird Contacts and calendar with GCal

I’m using a useful tool called GCalDaemon. It’s written in Java so it runs both on Windows and Linux (and I assume Macs).

GCalDaemon does 2-way sync between ICal files and Google Calenda. It also includes an LDAP server that allows you to query your GMail Contacts.

It has good documentation to help you get it setup.

1 thought on “Link:Syncing Thunderbird Contacts and calendar with GCal

  1. hey clint! long time no talk. “accidentally” opened up my RSS reader (if u had almost 6000 unread, you might avoid it too) and figured i’d catch up with yr blog and great to see this reference to GCalDaemon! looks perfect for the UN*X geek in me! 🙂

    i can’t for the life of me get my iCal install cleaned up (alarms don’t fire, other odd behaviour adding Google Calendar feeds and it crashing or not working at all)

    make a bookmark to see if i can get iCal reinstalled (only) and see what happens.

    love how its so multi-config friendly – my kinda app! 😉

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