And the knowledge was set free…

I love that fact that the most classic literature is the most easy to acquire. Take Shakespeare’s Works as an example. You can sit down ad read any one of his masterpieces immediately without having to to pay a cent. Why? Because Will Shakespeare has been long dead (and so is his lawyer, as the saying goes) so his works are part of the Public Domain.

I’ve used Project Gutenberg (Wikipedia Entry) for a while an quite enjoy having these classics at easy reach.

Today I stumbled across the project whose goal it to turn all those works in the Public Domain into AudioBooks its called LibriVox. I’ve always suspected that something like this existed somewhere, so I’m glad that I finally found it. You can even download using torrents since that gives you nice speedy downloads.

It also doesn’t hurt to list some of my other favorite books online: The Standard Works (Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & COvenants, and corresponding reference material like dictionaries and indices) and I also enjoy the LDS Collection of Speeches and Articles. These are great motivational and inspirational writings. I’m also happy to mention you can get them all as audio downloads as well! (No torrents yet though :))

Audio books of interest there (for anyone)