Watching TV Over the ‘Net

I’ve recently moved. I got broadband internet setup as quickly as possible. However, I turned down various offers of cable programming.

Why? Because 1) I hate commercials, 2) theretoo much junk just on TV, and 3) you can get a lot of good stuff (legally) over the internet.

Here is my current selection of good online programming that I watch regularly:

  • Nova (a science program)
  • Frontline (a social topics program)
  • BYU-TV (a religious/education station)

I’ll add more as I come across and use them. For example, I hear that ABC has a streaming service for episodes of Lost (though I haven’t tried it yet)

3 thoughts on “Watching TV Over the ‘Net

  1. I don’t know how you feel about “non-official” downloads but bit-torrent is a pretty good way to watch TV. I can subscribe to an rss feed of a show I want and my uTorrent can fetch me fresh episodes with one click.

  2. Ah, the controversial bit-torrent. A friend mentioned that he believes that using bit-torrrent to download television shows is acceptable since its similar to the idea that it was already broadcast over the air and some one could have recorded the episode on a video cassette and given it to you. Bit-torrent just makes the distribution a bit easier. That’s an interesting take on it.

  3. Good on ya for not getting cable. We don’t have it either and don’t missit.

    Unfortunately and unexpectedly, ABC pulled down their free episodes:

    Now all you get to see is a pulsating pause symbol. Lame-o.

    Fortunately, Rocky and Bullwinkle is still free, and you can always watch Charlie Rose interviews.

    Now that I bought a iPod shuffle I listen to a lot of podcasts as well — NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me is one I listen to every week. Also the Cricket and Seagull podcast by Steven Kapp Perry (son of Janice) is great for LDS listeners. A fun way to keep up your Spanish speaking skills is Notes From Spain, a weekly conversation between a husband (from England) and wife (from Spain).

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