Tools to jump start programming the DOM and/or TW

First of all this post is intended for people that are new to playing with the DOM (document object model) The DOM is the structure in a web page.

Specifically I’ve posted this for my IS450 (Web Development Class) and TiddlyWiki friends though feel free to comment on any additions.


Before using any tools, I’d recommend getting a bit of knowledge under you belt.

I got started by reading DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design by Stuart Langridge. The first four chapters are available online for free (94 of the 300 pages in the book!)

Quirksmode also has a very good page on JavaScript document events.


The major tip is that if you are coding a page do the following: make it work using Firefox and its corresponding tools, then make it work in Internet Explorer.

Firefox Extensions:
Web Developer
View the pages rendered source
Measure It

I’ll put up more stuff after class.

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