Viewing a page’s source thats been altered by JavaScript

As Ajax becomes more widely used I’ve noticed more and more instances when I would want to view the page’s source after it has been rearranged by some script or other.

This is a piece of cake in Firefox. All you need to do is install the View Rendered Source extension by Jennifer Madden.

This simplifies the source immensly. No guessing on what is where, and its displayed in the familiar HTMLized view. Very handy. Now, there comes a time in every developer’s life where Internet Explorer behaves… differently. How can you view the rendered source in this instance?

That’s the real reason behind this post. I just found View Rendered Source for IE tool by Bill Friedrich. Finally I can check to see what IE is messing up. (Install it by going to the site and opening the zip file, right-clicking on the .inf file and selecting ‘install’)

Once either of these plugins is installed, right-click on the web page and select ‘View Rendered Source’

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