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Call me old fashioned, but I find it to be nice to know who I’m talking to or working with. I contribute to the TiddlyWiki GoogleGroups and enjoy it, but every now and then, I just wonder what l33tW1k1, Simon Baird, or Jeremy Ruston look like.

I grabbed a few photos from off the web an threw together a simple quiz. If you would like your photo in the next quiz, email me it. Lets see if you can guess who’s who from a random couple of TW developers:

Update: The developers here are: Clint Checketts (me!), Paul Petterson, Eric Shulman, Alan Hecht, Simon Baird, and (of course) Jeremy Ruston! Guess who is who.

A- Alan Hecht- crafter of useful TW extensions

Subject A

B- Clint Checketts (with little Daniel)- Me!

Subject B

C- Jeremy Ruston, boy genius, creator of TiddlyWiki

Subject C

D- Paul Petterson– RegEx KBE

Subject D

E- Eric Shulman– Extension, Macro genius

Subject E

F- Simon Baird– of Monkey Pirate TiddlyWiki

Subject F

Feel free to post guesses in the comments.

Update: Daniel Baird wins a free glass of milk. That is, unless the Strawberry Cows get it first. http://www.bestadsontv.com/ad_details.php?id=716

3 thoughts on “TiddlyWiki Developer Quiz

  1. Ok I’ve been encouraged to make my guess known.

    I choose F as the MonkeyPirateCaptain himself, Simon Baird. I’ve even seen him nekkid! (although not since he turned about 5).

    Paul and Jeremy have exposed themselves (in not quite the same way) on the Frappr map at http://www.frappr.com/tiddlywiki ..although it’s not that easy to pick Jeremy even so 🙂


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