Editing a TiddlyWiki on a server, sans serverside backend

Lets say you have a WebDav server. Actually, you probably don’t have a WebDav server, but you have an FTP server. (Lets also say that you have MS Windows) Okay so you can login, upload the TiddlyWiki files, and have somewhere where others can view yoursweet site, right?

Now lets say that you want to open you TiddlyWiki file from your server and edit it like its a local file within your browser. Impossible? Sure. Now, here’s how you can do the impossible:

The solution is Novell NetDrive (5 MB). I found it here: http://www.acs.uwosh.edu/novell/netdrive.htm You can Google it to download also, its free and works great (at least it has for the full ten minutes that I’ve used it :)).

Install it and run it. It will allow you to map a webdav folder or an ftp site as a local drive. Let me repeat this (as it is pretty cool)

Map an FTP server as local drive.

Map a WebDav server as local drive.

Then, you can just drag your TiddlyWiki over, open it in your browser and edit it. Nice? Right. Very. Now follow this link and show your gratitude: http://tiddlywiki.com/#ThankYou

(Or just share the info and help others along the way)

4 thoughts on “Editing a TiddlyWiki on a server, sans serverside backend

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  2. With WebDAV it’s actualy possible to write to an http server, I wish there was a plugin for TiddlyWiki to take advantage of this functionaity; that way you wouldn’t need any special configuration for the Operating system, and Tiddly could easily detect if it’s been edited locally or via http
    Of course you’d have to enter the username/password for WebDAV everytime, because otherwise everybody on the Intetnet would have it; but it’s a small hassle in my opinon.

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